Why We Closed Our Facebook Account

Facebook has a vigorous enforcement of its bullying policy requiring all users of the social network to provide their, whatever, information Facebook demands including very personal information, and credit card information.

The policy is not new, Facebook has long asked for users personal information, but it has come under new fire after Facebook disabled the profile of individuals who wanted to have privacy. The social media outrage was almost immediate.

An online petition on Change.org demanding Facebook change its policy has already garnered tens of thousands of signatures.

And how can I trust my personal information when many sources, such as the Telegraph.co.uk have released details on how Facebook is being hacked 600,000 times per day - and Hackers are breaking into hundreds of thousands of Facebook accounts every day, the social network has admitted, yes Facebook itself has admited.

According to NYPost, 160,000 Facebook accounts are actually compromised per day, and still Facebook loosens up your privacy settings every time they update the terms of service — not that they’ll tell you.

Four new Apache helicopters were destroyed in 2007 by insurgents after US servicemen posted photos to Facebook — unaware that the pictures had been automatically geotagged, which could be tracked and shot down - thanks to Facebook.


160,000 Facebook accounts are compromised per day - yes, PER DAY !!!

Facebook hacked every day

No, Facebook. I don't trust you or your misreable discriminatory company.

Facebook has a financial stake in people’s personal information and record of their identities and credit card information. The company mines user activity for their desires, and ultimately what they can be sold through ads. Ads generate 69 percent of Facebook’s revenue total revenue $3.54 billion. Moreover, Facebook’s whole marketing strategy is inextricably hinged to the idea that users detailed personal and authentic identities making it especially valuable to advertisers who are targeting them throudh ad pcychology and manipulative subliminal advertising.

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